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> Kamenwati, ~ The General ~
 Posted: Dec 2 2016, 06:31 PM
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“ā’qebat haq be haqdār miresad” - *Eventually justice serves he who is deserving.*
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Kamenwati stands 180 cm (5’11”), and weighs in at a slim, yet muscular, 83.9 kg (185 lbs). He has shoulder-length dark brown hair and seductive, brown eyes. His naturally-darkened skin hidden from the sun, by off-white robes when at home or in the desert… but when he is at the capital, or prepared for combat, he dons the armour of the Army of Arcadia.
Kamenwati is of keen intellect; brave, and strict in the observance of his duties. His word and his bond were inviolable.
and more self-confidence than was usual even in one deliberately raised to believe in himself,
and compassion toward others, ,
his sense of royalty and chivalrous attitude towards his enemies.
often deemed too compassionate,
theatrical; alone far too often
Born in Sammadir on the Western Coasts, not far from the shadows of Arcadia, Kamenwati grew up under the propensities and prosperities of the al-Jama'a al-'Ashara, as his Father was governor of their home city-state. Spoiled by rod and slave, Kamenwati spent a lot of time learning about history of Arcadia and her rise to power.

When he was in his late teens, he was sent to Arcadia to work with the Council of Ten as an apprentice. It was there he met Briseis, the daughter of Rash’ani Amir, from Utica, Tomas dez Besariz. Tomas was a tyrant and cruel… and had set his wrath upon those of Arcadia. Meanwhile, Briseis and Kamenwati spent much time together… ultimately falling in love with one another. But he was considered too low in society to marry such a girl as Briseis.

To love the Amir’s daughter was forbidden… for she was destined to be married for wealth or power, not love.

And yet, what would come to pass was a passionate love affair as a youth… barely in man’s clothing…. The Amir found out and ordered the boy beaten… and to hide the Amir from embarrassment, Kamenwati was left to die by drowning in the Ocean.

Beaten and thrown into the Ocean, discarded like spoiled milk. He was virtually dead… to the Amir… his family… society. No one cared, or dared to speak of his life.

But fate would deem life’s path from a different view. From his own words… “Maybe it was caused by the death throes, I know not truth or fantasy, but I would swear by all that is Baal’s Divinity, that a mermaid saved me… It seemed that when I awoke from drowning, I looked into her eyes… and she kissed my lips… and in the days that passed, I felt different… I did not care if the Amir found me… but by the grace of Baal, I was almost invisible… Even when I returned to the city, it seemed that I mattered not… No longer did I wish to party with my friends, nor visit my family… Every time I would close my eyes, I would see HER… then as the days passed; I would feel her touch… eerily close with every turn… Then one day, from the shore, I saw her… or what I thought was her… so I took to Ocean in but a round craft… and along the way, I heard the siren sing… and it seemed to drive me insane… I dove into the water to be with her… Nothing more I remember of her, but days had truly passed and I was found upon the shore by some Arcadian soldiers… The country was embattled… and I was put into the army.”

And so it was, the path thru the military merged with his learned path of studies in combat strategy and the complexities of people. In time, he rose in rank… becoming a fearless commander, fighting in great battles to unite a Kingdom broken… Now he is the Commander of the Armies of Arcadia.
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