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Prin ti Demsiri
 Posted: Nov 22 2016, 07:41 PM
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Prin ti Demsiri

Another day… another opportunity to increase his financial status… That is if he can avoid the patrols. But even on lazy days like today, the Amir’s patrols made their rounds in the marketplace.

Prin looked around the corner, then behind him… and with one swift move, he made it to the ladder… up, up, he scurried, to the flat rooftop. And with a swift 4 steps across, he leaped into the air, bounding over the small street, where below, walked four guardsmen. Building after building, rooftop to rooftop, he bound… until… he stopped at the edge, kneeling down and looking left and right. Then with a small hop, he lept over the edge, one hand on the brick, the other waving in the air for balance… and with a thud, he landed on both feet, knees bent, in a cloud of dust that spiraled upward. With a smirk upon his face, he dusted himself off and entered the shop.

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More than twenty-six winters before in Kyrenaice, the city-state upon the plains of the southern Acacus, Adalsen, a blacksmith from Shez’ra, in the northern regions of the Canas was in love with Imarin, daughter of Fareid, the Kyren Merchant. Adalsen loved Imarin more than any man should, but by fate’s cruel hand, he could not take her as his wife. So in a clash with Fareid, he killed the Merchant and enslaved the man’s wife and daughter, and made Imarin part of his house, then freed her Mother and sent her to Arcadia.

Adalsen and Imarin lived as slave and Master, yet loved more than any pair was allowed to love. Prin was the result of their love’s consummation; but he was born to a lifeless mother, given freedom, by an unforgiving father. Death in childbirth robbed Adalsen of his beloved Imarin; and he had his motherless child suckled by a woman of the house, named Erin, who had previously lost her child due to infant disease.

And over the next few years, Erin come to love Prin… but the Father endured familia pressure to be rid of the bastard. And so it was, Adalsen eventually blaming Prin for the death of his beloved wife, Erin took the toddler from Shez’ra to Arcadia. Her high hopes of locating Imarin’s mother were dashed when she discovered the grandmother had been killed by a runaway chariot not a year past. Despite Erin being a loving mother-figure til her dying day, the boy was soon forced to grow up on the streets, learning how to steal, extort, and defraud people after first gaining their confidence. He learned quick and none too soon, his “street skills” became his greatest asset.

Life on the streets was better than the chaos of child slave rings, cruel merchants, or the abuse of over-worked kitchens; and just as Arcadia has its homeless, out on the streets, Prin began to beg, but gave a portion of the food he cadged each time to one particular group of boys and girls. The children grew to trust him; befriended him; and, finally, took him on as their leader.

The relationship worked perfectly, far better than anything Prin had known among his fellow humans. He begged for food, and shared it with his group.
The royal city guards came to know of Prin's life, but could not wrest him from the streets. Many times he would escape his would-be captors.

Over the years of youth, living in the criss-crossing streets and alleys of Arcadia, developed, refined, and taught a holistic training discipline using movement using only the body and available surroundings for propulsion, with a focus on maintaining as much momentum as possible while still remaining safe. His training included obstacle courses in the market, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, animalistic movements on all fours, and the like, depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation. People would often watch him dodge the guards by running towards a high wall and then jumping and pushing off the wall with a foot to reach the top of the wall, leaving his pursuers lingering below.

Even to this day, despite the guards valiant efforts, Prin’s skills are often displayed in vaulting over obstacles imagined too high; or jumping and landing accurately with the feet on small, or narrow, impediments; or moving from a position hanging from a wall-top or ledge, to standing on the top or vaulting over to the other side; or jumping and catching a ledge with the hands while the feet land on the vertical surface below, or using a rolling motion to help absorb large impacts.

{To watch Prin's skills, Click Here}
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